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How to take care of your leather watch strap

How to take care of your leather watch strap
Characterised by its timeless chic, the leather watch strap is a choice accessory for adding a touch of elegance. It is ideal for any situation and a true everyday companion that is carefully selected to complement your wardrobe. This is why you will want to keep wearing it for as long as possible – and rightly so. In order to do this, we advise you to take a number of precautions when using your strap.

Calfskin, shark’s skin, ostrich or alligator leather…Manufacture Jean Rousseau straps are produced using materials that are carefully selected in accordance with a scrupulously monitored procedure that ensures they are of the utmost quality, a true gage of durability. However, it is important to bear in mind that these are living materials and are thus unavoidably destined to a shorter lifespan than metal watch bracelets made from steel. As such, the average lifespan of a leather strap worn daily is around 18 months. This can, of course, vary according to use, so here are a few practical recommendations that will help you to safeguard your strap.

Be wary of these mistakes:

To protect your watch strap as long as possible, be careful to avoid any contact with water or humidity. In particular:

  • Don’t forget to remove your strap before having a bath or shower.
  • Avoid immersing it in swimming pools or the sea at all costs, even if it is made from shark’s skin or alligator leather.
  • Avoid spraying or applying your perfume or skin creams directly onto the strap.
  • Remove your strap before carrying out any kind of housework in order to prevent any highly detrimental damage.

If your strap requires cleaning, rinse it in clean, cold water only and never leave it to soak. Then ensure you dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth and leave it to dry completely, without exposing it to the sun or any other strong sources of heat.

A few tips for extending the lifespan of your strap:

Ideally, you should change your watch strap regularly, either by alternating watches or by fitting your strap with a quick-change system that enables you to change it easily every day. This system can be installed on most strap models, and not only does it allow you to match your outfit with your strap, but it also helps you to extend its lifespan.

Another tip is to avoid fastening your strap too tightly around your wrist. Choosing a looser fit will spare your strap from constant strain, which will damage the leather more quickly. 

Similarly, don’t forget to freshen up your watch strap once in a while. To find out what type of treatment you should use on the various different types of leather, read our article on the different leather care methods available

Finally, don’t forget to choose a lining that suits your needs best. Generally speaking, Jean Rousseau straps have a calfskin lining, or a shark’s skin lining for shark’s skin straps. However, if you live in a hot country or practise sports while wearing your timepiece, opt for an extra-resistant lining from materials such as alligator leather, rubber or even shrunken cowhide. If you suffer from allergies, choose a hypoallergenic lining instead. 

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